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Social Media 101| The Importance of Emails and How to Grow Your Email Database |
Newsletter Creation and Marketing |  Online Advertising for All Budgets |  How to Work with Influencers

Social Media 101

Don’t miss this chance to start turning your followers into paying customers. Social media platforms are one of the most important areas where small businesses can shine. We’ll show you how to use the major social media platforms to improve your online presence, and then how to convert all those new fans into real revenue. Plus: we’ll go over analytics, posting schedules, content creation, photos, and apps to make your social media management easier.

The Importance of Emails and How to Grow Your Database

You need a direct channel to reach your customers and would-be customers – after all, a whopping 90% of new site visitors don’t buy that first time. So how do you capture those all-important email addresses? What can you do to grow your email database? What platforms work best (and are the easiest!) for you to create and distribute emails? What are funnels, and how can you automate revenue-generating emails so you can focus on your business? This module guides you on all things email- and database-related.

Newsletter Creation and Marketing

Newsletters not only serve as a direct channel to a qualified audience, they also are extremely effective in garnering new clients, making more sales and building your brand. We’ll help you identify what newsletter platform works best for you, create a template newsletter, set up automations and provide real-life examples of what works.

Online Advertising for All Budgets

You don’t need to spend a lot to grow your business online. We’ve worked with the professionals at Facebook and run many online campaigns with customers – now we’re here to demystify social media advertising for you. We’ll get you all set up and help you determine what platforms are the best outlet for your message and to reach your audience.

How to Work with Influencers

Online influencers can be as valuable as major celebrity endorsements, thanks to the ever-expanding social media reach. What influencers should you work with? And, what do those relationships look like?